The City of Lockport and its departments use social media to expand their communication reach and to facilitate communication between the City and its residents, business owners, and the general public, so that interested citizens can also share information about the City. The City's social media platforms are intended to serve as a source of information from the City to its citizens and are not intended to be used for online discussions or public forums. The City maintains an active presence on the following social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Please keep in mind that our social media channels are not a substitute for 911. These pages are not monitored 24/7. Dial 911 for immediate assistance in the event of an emergency.

The following list includes information for each active social media channel for the City: 

City of Lockport - Facebook

City of Lockport - Instagram

City of Lockport - You Tube

Lockport Police Department – Facebook

Lockport Police Department - Instagram

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