West Side Flood Study

2021 Update

On January 28, 2021, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) approved the Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) which revised the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) for the area commonly known as Lockport’s West Side. This has reduced the size of the high-risk flood area. 

While flood insurance is not federally required for residences outside of the high-risk area, your mortgage lender may still require you to have flood insurance. Also, even though flood insurance may not be required, a flooding event still may occur. Please contact your insurance companies to discuss your options.

West Side LOMR Map (2021) (PDF)

2012 Study

In 2012, the City of Lockport engaged Manhard Consulting to complete a comprehensive flood study for the revision of the floodplain limits on the west side of Lockport, between the I & M Canal and the Des Plaines River. The study has been submitted to FEMA through the Illinois State Water Survey as a first step in seeking approval for a letter of map revision (LOMR). There are some outstanding projects that need to be completed before the map can be revised.

The attached Floodplain Exhibit shows the existing floodplain limits (blue) vs. the modified limits per the completed study (yellow).

West Side Flood Plain Exhibit