Emergency Alerting System

Emergency Alerting System

The Lockport Police Department would like to inform you of a service available to you that would aid in keeping you informed of existing emergencies or threat of potential danger. Will County 911 and Will County Emergency Management Agency, along with several industries in Will County have teamed up to provide an enhanced emergency alert system for your neighborhood.

The SmartMsg interoperability platform (Reverse 911/Codespear Citizen Alerting) is used to notify the public that an emergency exists in your neighborhood (regardless if you are home) through email, pagers, cell phone text messages, or a voice message on your home phone.

This emergency alerting system is a supplemental warning system, backing up effective methods already in place such as sirens and Emergency Broadcast System/Emergency Alert System (EBS/EAS).

In the unlikely event of an emergency affecting your neighborhood, you may first hear sirens. In some cases, you won't hear a siren, but in either event, you may receive a computerized telephone call or text message, page, or email from local emergency officials. The message will be about the emergency and what actions you should take (including shelter-in-place or evacuate).

Sign Up

We encourage you to take steps to ensure that your phone number is listed in the database of numbers that would receive these notifications. If you wish to sign up for this service please visit Will County SmartMsg online.

Will County Emergency Alert System

In case of a disaster, emergency messages from the Will County Emergency Alert System will be broadcasted on the following public radio and television stations:

  • 1340 AM (WJOL)
  • 98.3 FM (WCCQ)
  • 96.7 FM (WSSR)
  • 100.7 (WRXQ)
  • 91.7 (WJCH)
  • The Comcast Cable Network