About the Department

The City Attorney's Office is committed to providing legal services to the City in an effective and efficient manner and to maintain the highest level of confidence and trust with the citizens, Council, Boards, and fellow employees.

Duties of the City Attorney
The chief legal officer of the City of Lockport is the City Attorney, who provides counsel and direction to the City by attending meetings of the City Council and selected boards and commissions. The City Attorney represents the City in all cases before the federal and state courts and administrative agencies where the City has an interest.

The City Attorney processes all claims and suits for and against the City and provides written opinions to the City Council, boards and commissions, the City Administrator and City departments. The City Attorney assists in the preparation and review of legal documents, legislation, and other matters in which there is a City interest.

Traffic Court

The City of Lockport is represented in traffic court by a separately licensed attorney.

Jennifer Kearney
Attorney at Law
Kearney Law Office
(815) 838-1000