Small Business Saturday

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1.    Improve our local economy


Remember that every time you spend a dollar, you are impacting the big picture of our hometown and contributing to community liveliness.  Most likely, the small businesses you are patronizing are owned by someone who lives in our community.  That means that the money you spend locally will be recycled back into our local economy.


2.    Generate opportunity


Not only do locally owned businesses employ more people directly per dollar of revenue, they are the customers of other local businesses, which in turn creates an expansion of opportunities for local entrepreneurs.


3.    Enrich our community


A small business culture is the heartbeat of every thriving hometown.  While franchises and national chain stores play a role in the national economy, small businesses provide an undeniable energy and unique sentiment that is the backbone of our community life.


4.    Experience a one-of-a kind connection


Shopping with local business owners offer a sincere customer-owner connection.  Small business owners are experts on the product they offer and sell; merchandise is carefully selected based on the customer’s interests and needs, and owners will go the extra mile to guarantee personal attention to the customer.


5.    Create a healthier environment


Independent businesses build robust communities by making more local purchases and supporting vibrant town centers, which essentially reduces traffic, habitat loss, and pollution.