Welcome to Lockport

Historical Downtown
The City of Lockport has a Downtown unique in Chicagoland. With a history that drove the economy of Illinois and the Midwest through the early 19th century, Lockport has many historical markers, some visible, some hidden, that attest to its influence.

Transportation Links

But the power of Lockport is more than just its past. Lockport's location and newly created transportation links make the Downtown one of the most desirable locations in Will County.
9th and State

A Natural Place of Connection

The Downtown's physical and historical attributes make it a natural place of connection and, as such, a wise place to bring your business or investment dollar. A connection map (PDF) can be seen online.

Maximum Customers, Maximum Return

Upwards of 20,000 vehicles pass through the heart of Downtown each day along Route 7 and 171. This number grows stronger every day with the new interchange at I-355. That's more than 20,000 customers that will drive past your investment in the Downtown. Whether you are a business, an investor, or a developer, it only makes sense to put your money where you will receive the greatest return.