Property Tax Forums

Since the year 2009, the City has hosted three forums, one per year.  The next Property Tax Forum is already scheduled for Thursday, July 26, 2012.  Below is a short summary of each forum's discussions, along with the agendas that were posted.

In 2009, the panel of elected officials from neighboring cities, Lockport City Council, both Lockport and Homer Townships, Will County officials, and State officials discussed the informational side of Property Taxes in general and educated the communities.  See agenda.

In 2010, the same panel discussed the possible alternatives to our Property Tax System.  See agenda.

In 2011, the same panel discussed Property Tax Reform and the Relief Task Force report and recomendations from a bi-partisan panel of elected officials from the Illinois State General Assembly.  See agenda.

In 2012, the proposed discussion will be whether or not our elected officials have made attempts to work with the General Assembly on task force recommendations and their results, if any.