Lockport Pride Initiative

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Jim Petrakos - 1st Ward
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Catherine Perretta - 4th Ward

May 17, 2017

Dear Lockport Property Owner: 

The City of Lockport is a proud community and cares about its image. The city has embarked on a plan to add beautification enhancements at our major thoroughfares with landscaping, welcome monuments, and signs. The city has also launched a pride initiative in 2016, and at that time a letter was sent out to all residents and businesses asking property owners to promote the beautification and desirability of residential neighborhoods and the enhancement of commercial areas.

The goal of this initiative is to assist property owners in meeting the standards of the City's property maintenance, health, and building codes. Last summer we also launched a plain sight inspection of properties (meaning visual inspections from the public right of way) to identify any code violations and or any non-permitted work. If a violation is identified, per the code, notice will be sent to the property owner of record. Violations may result in warnings, fines, and penalties in order to gain compliance. Included with this letter is a "fact sheet" on property maintenance codes, as well as a list of what types of work require building permits.

RV's, Boats and storage of large items in residential areas have been one of the many violations, please be reminded that certain oversized RV's, boats and other vehicles are not allowed to be parked in any residential area. Per ordinance 156.092 (G) (2) (b) 1., recreational vehicles, such as, but not limited to, camping trailers, boat trailers, boats, camping buses, camping trucks, house trailers, passenger vehicles exceeding a 12-person capacity, and buses, or any other kind of trailers or motor vehicles shall not exceed nine feet in height, or 34 feet in length, or 10,000 pounds in gross weight.

RV's, boats and other recreational vehicles described in the ordinance that are not over the size limits cannot be parked in the front or corner side yard of a residence. If you are in violation of either situation, please make arrangements to relocate your vehicle. The city will be aggressively enforcing this ordinance. You could be subject to a $100 fine for noncompliance.

Lockport is the City of Historic Pride. Pride means investing in our neighborhoods, streets, commercial districts, and infrastructure. We look forward to partnering with you as our neighborhood beautification programs continue to roll out and positive change begins to transform the curb appeal of our community.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Code Enforcement Officer Tom Fulton at (815) 838-0549 ext. 2213. Sincerely, 

Ben Benson, City Administrator