Sidewalk Replacement Program

Requests may be made by entering a service request through the City's service request system. When requesting, please describe location of requested repair, reason for repair, and quantity of sidewalk (number of squares).

The City will remove and replace damaged sections of sidewalk, provided that one of the following criteria are met and funding is available:

  • Sidewalk is cracked into three or more pieces with cracks at least 1/8" wide or wider.
  • More than 50% of the sidewalk surface is chipped or spalled.
  • Sidewalk has raised or settled to the point where the raised/settled section is more than 1/4" above or below adjacent sections.

The program is 100% funded by the City at no cost to residents. Requests are accepted year round, however, if requests are received after April 1, 2023, the request will be evaluated for replacement in 2024. The City will evaluate all requests received and prioritize locations in need of greatest repair. 

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